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Welcome to our website. Fiber Fortress provides telecommunications and data centre services to the Small and Medium Business markets.

What Is A Private Fiber Optic Network?

Fiber Fortress is a non-dominant carrier within Canada. This means that we have access to all of the underground and aerial routes in any city in Canada. We can place our own fiber optic cables in these routes to suit our customer's requirements. This allows us to provide a custom-made solution instead of forcing our customers to purchase metered bandwidth from a service provider.

Please answer the following questions:

* Does your business use a lot of bandwidth?

* Do you have more than one location within a city?

* Do you find that most of your traffic is between your offices rather than on the Internet?

If you answered "Yes" to one of the questions above, then you likely need your own private fiber optic network. Every client's wishes are different. We would love to talk to you and design your own private fiber optic network. No request is too big or too small.