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Fiber Fortress owns a commercial datacenter in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This site is ideal for any company that is looking for a primary datacentre for their operations or a backup facility for disaster recovery planning.

Full cabinets and private suites are currently available for lease. There are also offices available on-site for companies to lease for their disaster recovery operations.

Customer Benefits

This datacentre has the following benefits:

  • 24/7/365 unescorted access means that there are no access charges for customers
  • Leasing space means that capital will be preserved. As well, customers can expense their costs in the current year as opposed to depreciating over several years.
  • Generator and UPS power means that servers will remain operational 100% of the time.
  • Card access and alarm system ensure the customer's servers will remain secure.
  • Multiple carriers ensure the customer's mission-critical data remains accessible. Highest point in Winnipeg ensures that there are no flooding issues. As well, Winnipeg is not prone to natural disasters.

    Technical Specifications

  • Modern POD design
  • APC Infrastruxure PX UPS
  • APC Infrastruxure cabinets & power distribution
  • 12" thick floor with slab on grade construction (allows for full load of cabinets)
  • Mitsubishi 300kVa diesel generator
  • IP alarm, fire monitoring, and modern HID card access system
  • Panasonic IP CCTV surveillance system
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Cinder block building construction with hardened exterior

    Private Suites

    There are several private suites available. Each suite is dry walled with a private door and lock. HVAC, electrical, and security will be added based on your individual requirements and configurations.

    APC Infrastruxure Equipment

    APC's ultra-modern Infrastruxure UPS, Cabinets, and Power Distribution system has been installed in the datacentre

    Backup Power

    300kVA Diesel Generator