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Fiber Fortress specializes in managing telecommunications projects. We have considerable experience in database population, network audits, and telecom training & curriculum design. As well, we are available to handle non-telecom projects in any industry. No project is too large or too small.

Network Review and Update

Fiber Fortress has completed several full-scale network audits on behalf of our customers. These network audits include site and documentation visits as well as updating any corporate software platforms.
We can review and update documentation for any type or size of network.

Business Plan Creation

Several clients have requested feasibility studies, business plans, or pro-forma financial statements created for planned projects. We can undertake any type of study or business case in any industry that our clients require.

Software Implementation Project

Fiber Fortress has considerable skills in data migration, implementation, and training/curriculum design. We have undertaken a variety of IT/Software projects on behalf of previous clients.
We can create training plans and curriculums that are custom-made to the client's requirements. As well, we can make this training relevant by utilizing the client's own data.

Reply to RFQ/Business Plan Creation

Fiber Fortress has assisted clients with RFPs and RFQs. Most companies do not have enough resources in-house to analyze and respond to complex proposals. We can analyze a proposal, determine the pro-forma financials, write a business case, and respond to your customer with a winning proposal.