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About Us

Rodney Brucks is a comprehensive telecommunications entrepreneur who is able to design and implement a complex solution while simplifying this solution for the customer. When combined with his Master of Business Administration and considerable IT and project management experience, Rodney can provide a powerful array of telecom and IT solutions for any corporation.

Rodney has a team of Layer 0-3, VOIP, Centrex, and Cisco experts that can be utilized as required for any project.

Our Value Proposition

We will educate and assist your company in determining your best telecom solution. No longer do you have to blindly trust the carriers when ordering a service. Rodney is a teacher-at-heart who will educate your company while providing the optimum network solution.

Put Rodney's 18 years of telecommunications experience and education to use today. Call Fiber Fortress to discuss your current & future plans, and we will provide a "Real" telecom solution.